A Good Chat

The holidays here are coming to a close and next week things will be as back to normal as they ever get. I will miss my kids while they are at school, but I have to admit it will be nice to have a bit of peace.

Although my mind does not cope well with peace and quiet, it will be nice to relax a little. It will also be nice to have a bit more time for this blog and other things.

I am still no close to becoming more organised, but after a long chat with a friend I do not feel so uptight about everything having to be tidy all the time, it is OK to skip the hoovering for a day, it doesn’t mean I am not looking after my family.

The chat I had with my friend has lifted a big weight off me. A while ago like me she was depressed, so she knew exactly how I felt, something which I have found hard to convey to my family. My hubby has always been understanding of things, but he never knew exactly how I was feeling.

After getting everything off my chest with my friend I felt more at ease and able to talk to my hubby about everything. we have spent a lot of time talking over the last week and it has definitely helped us both.

I have checked out a couple of books from the library, one on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and one that is about coping with depression in general. I have only just start reading them, but I feel positive about me “helping myself” with these books.

I know that these things are just little steps on my journey out of depression and I have a little way to go, but things are looking a little more hopeful, something I did not think I would be saying at this point, but I am glad I am.

Talk to your friends, go to support groups if you have them in your area and take a look at some of the self help books that are available. I am not saying it will help straight away, but it will certainly get you on your way.

Don’t keep everything to yourself, I know that is easy to say, but you will be surprised how much just one good chat will change things.

Take care everyone.

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