A walk in the park

Yesterday I found that I quite enjoyed exercising outside, I thought my legs were going to fall off, but I really enjoyed it. It probably helped that is was a lovely evening and my hubby was with me.

We decided to go to a park that is about 10 minutes drive from us. It has a big lake to walk/jog around as well as exercise equipment along the route. Even if not going there to exercise it is a lovely walk.

The decision to do this at all was fuelled by the fact that my ability to do cardiovascular exercise is shockingly bad, it is something that I really want to improve to help me get to my fitness goals. My hubby is pretty fit, he plays football and he cycles to work everyday, so he is happy to help me reach my goals.

Last night we started off walking faster than I would normally, it actually felt really good to get myself moving, About half way around the circuit we did a short jog for a minute or so. I will admit that I really struggled with this, but when we stopped jogging I continued walking, I didn’t stop, I kept going.

I know this wasn’t a long jog, but I aim to make it longer each time we go until I am jogging all of it. This is going to take some time, but as long as I get there I do not care how long it takes.

It was also nice to spend some time with my hubby. As we walked we talked about anything and everything with no distractions (phones, laptops, kids). I will happily make this a weekly thing, next time we are going to take the kids to, they will love it.

Not only did I get a nice bit of exercise, but the kids were staying at their dad’s last night, so when we got home I also had time to do a relaxing body scrub in the bath and a face mask, was nice to pamper myself.

Today I am feeling nice and relaxed. I would highly recommend going for walks like this. It is fabulous family time as well as helping to keep you fit and healthy.

Now I just have to keep myself away from the chocolate bars and cakes……..

Take care everyone

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