About Me

I am a mother of two who likes to write about the things I do with my family, blogging and life in general. My kids and my hubby are my life and my inspiration for trying to make something with my life.

selfie of me

I am 37 with the maturity of a teenager (I am still one aren’t I). Having fun and trying new things, especially with my kids, are two of the things I love.

I drink far too much tea and spend way too much time in my local community cafe (I have a love/hate relationship with their chocolate cake.

My daughter, Booey, Likes to help me write some of my posts and we make videos together on YouTube. It is great getting to do so much with her.

Booey and Me

My son, Ben, is not too involved with my blog as he likes to make his own YouTube videos, but I do drag him in occasionally.

Mitch, my hubby, is usually the one taking pictures and video of Booey and I. He appears in a few posts and pictures here and there. I am so lucky to have such a supportive hubby.

I love blogging. It has bought me a lot of fun and experiences I would never of had before. I hope that people enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.