An introduction to me

I am not sure if this blog will ever make sense or if it will just be the ramblings of a stressed mother of two.
I thought it would be a good idea to write about the things going on in my life, a kind of therapy for me. If people read this and like it that is a very welcome added bonus.
I am a week away from being 36. I am married to a lovely man and have two great kids (from a previous marriage). I work a part time job and do all the things you would expect of someone in my position.  The only difference is that I have been suffering from depression for almost 2 years now.
It all started when I found that my sister had defrauded me of £3000 that I had been saving for my wedding. I had been betrayed by one of the closest people to me and the wedding we had planned was a memory.
I think the thing I found the hardest to get my head around was how could my own sister do this to me? Am I such an awful person that I deserved this to happen to me?
I buried my head in the sand as to how bad I was feeling, closed myself off from the world, I spent my days sleeping as this was the only time I wasn’t thinking about things.
Eventually my husband (we got our wedding, small, but actually very nice) dragged me to the doctors where I still did not admit to how bad I was feeling until I heard it from my husbands point of view. He coped so well with the way I was, but he couldn’t watch me “lose myself” any more. I was prescribed anti depressants and set up with some counselling.
I am still fighting this. I have put on two stone in weight due to comfort eating and am unhappy with how I look, this has hint the depression and set me back a little, but I am going to the gym and trying to tame my diet to help get me back to where I was.
I am not giving up on myself and I know I will get back to being the once bubbly person that I was. Until then you will have my ramblings and rants to read on my road to recovery, I just hope I do not bore you all too much 🙂  

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