And the holidays begin

Today is the first day of the school Easter holidays here. I now face two weeks with the kids at home and trying to fit in everything I need to do around them. Even though I know my time for blogging etc is going to be reduced, I am going to enjoy the time I have with my kids.

As fitting with the school holidays here in the UK, it is raining today. The weather always seems to put it’s horrid stamp on the time kids have off school. I am hoping that after today the weather will at least be dry so that we can take some trips to the park or anywhere else that comes up.

My daughter is hoping that we can fit a couple of library trips in, but I am sure that is partly as she wants to go to the coffee house afterwards for cake. I may even see if I can find a place where children can blog as I think it is something she would like, it would compliment the reading she does well.

I am also going to be taking my camera/camera phone with me everywhere we go, you never know when you may be presented with a quick YouTube video opportunity. Both of my kids have now joined the video making process in one way or another, we are still just making silly little videos but we are having fun doing so, although I am pretty sure they are planning some kind of prank video that is going to involve me looking even sillier than I usually do.

It may be the first day of the holidays, but I have to go to work for 6 hours now, so it is up to hubby to entertain the kids for the rest of the evening. At least most of my shifts are evening ones so I still have time to play with the kids

If the weather plays the right game then I think we will have a great holiday, having a laugh, and doing different things and hopefully have some fun blogs and videos to make.

Take care everyone.

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