Another New Hobby?

The colouring fun is continuing in my house at the moment. I have added more to my picture as has my daughter to hers. My picture gets a lot of my thoughts right now.

I am always thinking of when I will get some time to fit in a decent bit of colouring, I am starting to obsess about it.

Yesterday, we spent the day at a huge shopping mall, we decided to go there for a change and to see all the different stores it had compared to our town. We had a lovely day looking round, lots of fabulous things, including a handbag shop (my obsession with these could fill another blog) and a stationary store that had a huge collection of adult colouring books and pencils and pens.

I managed to stop myself from buying another book, but I could not resist buying some more pencils and fine liner pens. The selection of colours in these packs is better that what I had been using so far, so I will be able to add a lot more shading and colour variation to my pictures.

Things took another step into it turning into yet another hobby today when we went to the library. I love the colouring, but would also like to be able to draw at least half as well as the people who make these pictures. I found myself looking at art books and got one out that shows you basic drawing tips. Also, I got one out that shows you how to draw cartoon monsters, it’s good to have a bit of variation right?

So it seems I have found something else to fill up those minutes of the day that I do not have, another hobby has taken it’s hold over me, and well, I love it.

There I worse things than hobbies to become addicted to, but I can see some of these hobbies ending up being as expensive as other addictions (add in dry laugh here).

I can see the speculation about this new hobby in my husbands eyes, but I can also see that he is glad that I have found something that makes me happy.

Plus, this is something that I can do with my daughter, we can create out masterpieces together and share lots of precious time together too.

Take care everyone.

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