April Review & May Goals

It is May. How can we be nearly halfway through the year already? This year is going really fast. It seems only days since I wrote my goals for April. But here we are in May. The summer is (supposedly) coming and I am really looking forward to it.

May Goals

April, to be perfectly honest, was rather slow. My attention was on the blog, but not on the blog at the same time. The week I did the Let’s get Visible course I didn’t post at all. I got so absorbed into making this one post for the course I kinda forgot about everything else. I am very happy with what I achieved on the course, I am trying to apply everything to what I write now. It’s a lot to take in.

I had a lot of commenting and things to catch up with once I had finished. It took me a good week or so to be fully back to normal and the kids were on two weeks of Easter holidays. Not a lot of time was left for the blog. But I am back at it properly and doing ok.

My blog views are a bit down due to this, but my social stats are all up a little so it is not all bad. So, how did I do with my goals?

  • Work on my About Me and Work With Me pages – This was a big fat fail. I know what I want to change and update on these, but just haven’t found the time. I am going to keep this as a goal for May as well as it really needs updating.
  • Be more organised – I have had some success with this. I am setting myself certain times to do certain things and it is working. My organisation still is not perfect, but it is much better. I am pleased with this.
  • Complete the Let’s Get Visible course – I put a lot of work into the course and learned a lot too. I am definitely more focused when writing and thinking about how I want people to see it. Aby gave a lot of tips about blogging in general throughout the course and I want to watch some of her YouTube videos to learn more. Bit by bit I am applying what I learned into the blog.

I don’t think I did too badly really. The time out was to improve my blog so it was well worth it.

Now, onto my goals for May.

  • Work on my About Me and Work With Me pages – I would love to work with more brands so improving these will be a big help. I want people to see those pages and see what a good job I could do for them. I need to sell myself more instead of shyly sitting in the corner.
  • Again, try to figure out Pinterest – There were some great tips in Aby’s course about improving Pinterest, so I am going to try to give some of them a go. Pinterest is a great traffic source, I need to be part of that.
  • Not to get behind with commenting and blogmin – It is easy to join a linky write a comment and think I will go back and comment more in a bit. Trouble is, I then start doing something else and forget. I have found that the more I have commented, the better response I get to posts. You get what you put in. I think I need a time slot a day just for commenting.

I think I should do well with these goals and have time to fit in a few improvements here and there.

What goals have you set yourself this month?

Take care everyone.

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11 thoughts on “April Review & May Goals

  1. I don’t set short term goals, but maybe I should. i have lists i’m currently rewriting into order of importance as I have way too many things on it right now, i think i’ll prioritise them and make a short list with achievable goals for the rest of this week

  2. You’ve put me to shame as I’ve never been able to finish the Lets Get Visible Course, but it is something I want to do desperately!
    I hope you’re able to complete all your goals for this month! Look forward to reading how it went when you return to #TriumphantTales =]

  3. I’m terrible for linking up and having to go back several days later to comment – this is my biggest and worst blogging bad habit. Made even worse now I have all of the TT Linky posts to comment on! I’m my own worst enemy for this. There always seems to be something to do when it comes to blogging doesn’t there? We are gluttons for punishment. Good luck with your May goals! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales, we’d love to have you back next week ?

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