August Goals and July Review


Well, July just flew by didn’t it. It is hard to believe we are in August already, not long until Christmas now lol.

To me the month pasted with me barely noticing it. I think this is because July did not go quite as I had planned. The first two weeks were busy, but I was getting stuff done. Then things went upside down and I got nothing done.

My son had a Viral infection in his right eye. We panicked a bit as the same thing happened a couple of years ago with his left eye and he has pretty no much sight left in that eye (how this all started is a very long story which I may tell on the blog one day). After a few days of back and forth to the local eye hospital, he was admitted to Bristol eye hospital (2 hours from where we live). He was in there for 8 days and underwent two procedures under general anesthetic.


As he is 18 I was not allowed to stay at the hospital with him. So I ended up spending a fortune on staying at hotels. Also, he is special needs. I had to fill in a ton of paperwork for them to let me in in the morning so I was there when the doctors came round as he would have had very little idea of what was going on. He was obviously scared and worried about what was going to happen. I am so proud of the way he dealt with it all.

The infection has gone right down and so far his sight seems to be ok. He still has to have a lot of eye drops, steroids and anti-viral meds, but is doing good. We have to go back to Bristol on Monday so they can check that the eye is still doing well, fingers are crossed.

I did not have my laptop or tablet with me when we were in Bristol, and WordPress decided it did not like my phone. This, and the fact we had very limited wifi, meant no blogging. But, I would rather have an unproductive couple of weeks than see my son in pain and possibly blind.

As for July’s goal, I did not achieve much. I managed to get to 900 twitter followers and views on my blog had gone up very slightly. This was a little achievement I was happy with. I have found another linky to join, but have yet to take part due to everything that was going on. Learning about photo alt tags did not get looked at at all, so this is going to be added to August’s goals.

August Goals

  • Learn about alt tags for photo’s
  • Increase my Instagram followers
  • Keep growing my blog views

I am not setting many goals for August as we are away for the first week (I am taking my notebooks so I can still draft blog posts). And with the kids being on school holidays I am not sure how much time I will have for blogging. Although, I should get lots of photo opportunities and post ideas while spending time with them.

Hopefully this month will be more productive and drama free. I don’t think my little mind could cope with any more stress lol.

Take care everyone.


2 thoughts on “August Goals and July Review

  1. Oh no poor thing! That sounds like a rubbish time you have all been having! Fingers crossed for a better August! Good luck with your blog goals – I have a post out today on growing your IG which may help a bit. Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG x

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