August Review & September Goals

August Review

August was a lot less stressful than July. We were still busy, but I didn’t feel like my head was going to explode. The first week was spent at Butlin’s, a much needed rest for us all.

We have been having to drive to Bristol once a week (which takes just over 2 hours!) for my son to have check ups on his eye after his hospital stay. By the time his appointment is finished and we quickly have something to eat, then drive back, pretty much the whole day is over. Plus I am exhausted by the time we get back.

I have also stopped doing weekly Vlog posts. Instead I am posting a little vlog of what we have been doing every couple of days. So far people seem to prefer this to watching me sitting there waffling on lol.

I have been much better at achieving my goals this month. Although some of my time was taken up, I have gotten a bit better at planning when I am going to write certain post, so I am using my time much better.

So, how did I do with my goals.

August Review.

  • Learn about Alt tags for pictures – This was so much easier than I thought. I watched a few videos on YouTube, then got to adding the tags to my pictures. I haven’t added them to all my posts yet, but I am slowly making my way through them.
  • Grow my Instagram followers – I have managed to get about 50 new followers this month. Now I know that isn’t many compared to some, but I am really happy with that. This could still be improved a little so I am going to continue this through September as well.

Keep growing my blog – The blog hasn’t really grown this month. I am not letting myself be disheartened by this, it only makes me more determined to carry on. I am not going to worry about this too much this month. Hopefully the other things I am doing will help grow things a bit.

September Goals.

  • Learn about Meta description – This is something I really need to learn about if I want my blog to grow. I want to learn as much as I can about SEO etc so that I can make my blog as good as possible.
  • Grow my Instagram followers – I am going to continue with this goal again this month. Although I have seen a small rise in my followers, I want to grow it more. I am currently at 196 followers. Not only would I like to pass 200 followers, I would like to see it rise even more. Commenting is what I need to do more of I think to help me do this.
  • Try to post an extra blog post a week – At the moment I am posting on average 2 posts a week. I really need to be posting more than this if I want to get somewhere with the blog. I think this is definitely doable.
  • Update and improve my about me and contact me sections of my blog – I have to admit, both of these sections of my blog really need looking at. There is so much I need to improve. I plan to add some more pictures to the about me page. I think this will make it look much more attractive and give people more of an idea of the kind of person that I am.

My children go back to school on the 2nd of September, so I should have a lot more time for blogging and blog improvement. Also I will have a bit more time for catching up with my friends which I haven’t really been able to do over the holidays.

Take care everyone.

2 thoughts on “August Review & September Goals

  1. Firstly good luck with going back to school I hope that it all went well. You have some brilliant and clear goals, I’m sure that you will reach your Instagram target and also blog more than twice a week. I think that goals are a great way to keep the blog ticking a long. Good luck with them all and thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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