Awesome Christmas Jumpers 2017

The post I wrote about Autumn Jumpers seemed to go down well, so, I thought I would write one about Christmas Jumpers too. Christmas jumpers are awesome! They used to be, lets face it, a bit crappy. Something that your grandma bought you and you never wore again. Now Christmas jumpers have changed for the better.

awesome Christmas Jumpers 2017

There is a Christmas jumper for everyone now. Funny ones, cute ones, traditional ones, even geeky ones. I have even managed to get my hubby to wear one! It did take some persueding, but once he saw that there were so many different ones available he couldn’t help himself.

So what fluffy cuteness have I found?

Christmas jumper from F&F with a polar bear and penguin on the front

This Christmas scene jumper from F&F is so darn cute! And to make it even cuter it lights up! The snow at the bottom of the jumper has a lovely fleecy feel to it and the hats of the polar bear and penguin have little bobbles on too. As it doesn’t have anything too Christmas percific on it, you could wear it all winter.

christmas jumper with a red nosed reindeer on it.

When I looked at the Christmas jumpers BooHoo had to offer, I didn’t think I would find anything I like. A lot of them were plain with something like “Festive AF” written on them. Not something I could wear with Booey about as she kinda knows what that means. So I was very surprised to find the Reiny the reindeer jumper. I love the red and snowflake background, very festive. And how cute is Reiny the Reindeer?! Love him!

white christmas jumper with sequined reindeer on

This cream sequined reindeer jumper from Dorothy Perkins is simple, but still very cute. The reindeer is made up of gold and silver sequins. There’s nothing like something sparkly for Christmas time. I love that this jumper is not as in your face with the Christmas theme as some other jumpers. This would be lovely to wear if you were going for drinks or a lunch.

Santa and a reindeer riding a moped christmas jumper

Now what is ther not to love about Santa riding a Motorbike. This sequined jumper from George is a lot of fun. It is sparkly, has a fun theme and comes with Christmas pudding sunglasses, what more could you want lol! Santa is moving with the times lol! I like that there is just a plain background on this jumper, anthing else would have taken away the effect of the main picture. There are a lot of fun jumpers on the George site, took me a while to choose this one!

These are my favourite Christmas jumpers for 2017. What do you think of Christmas jumpers, will you be wearing one this year?

Take care everyone.

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18 thoughts on “Awesome Christmas Jumpers 2017

  1. Hi Ali, lovely to see your round up of Christmas jumpers. I haven’t started looking yet, for this Christmas. You gave me some great ideas. x

  2. I love christmas jumpers, I have one thats appropriate saying Baking mummy’s pudding! Thats definitely me sorted this year!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  3. i’ve noticed more jumpers this year that are festive and can be worn all over winter and not just at christmas, however I’m out in Dubai and pleased to report I’m more than happy with my christmas t shirts again this year #triumphanttales

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