Birthday, meals, gym and work

Well it has been a busy few days again for me. As it was my birthday things have been a bit more upside down than usual.

I will start with my birthday. It was a lovely relaxed day (well until I went to work), I got some lovely presents from my family and a lot of cards. I felt very loved indeed. I walked to the local community cafe at lunchtime and had a nice little lunch with my friend, it wasn’t diet friendly, but hey, you have to enjoy your birthday right?

Then at 4:30 I headed to work for my evening shift, I don’t mind doing the late shift it does go quickly, plus I do work with a lovely bunch of people which helps a lot. Work, like the gym, is great for getting away from the things in my head, it’s a few hours where I am completely distracted from everything expect work.

As it has been my birthday, I have been out for 3 different dinners this week, one with friends, one with family and one with the girls from work. And no, healthy eating was not at the forefront of my mind. I have to admit it was so nice to eat meals and not think about calories etc when eating them. I know that I am working hard in the gym, so it won’t take me long to get back on track.

The girls from work and I have resolved that we should have meals like that more often. It was great fun and a brilliant chance for us all to relax and have a good old laugh.

And as for the gym…… well I freely admit I haven’t given the gym the attention it requires the last couple of weeks. Things are calming down now so I can get back into my routine.

I have been a couple of times over the last week and worked hard while I was there. I love going to the gym, pushing myself to do better all the time is helping to boost my confidence as I am doing things I never thought I would (IE dead lifts). My legs are still aching from the leg workout I did on Saturday, but I am still keeping myself moving.

As well as the gym I am trying to walk everywhere as much as possible, I figure it has to help with my weight loss goals. Walking is great fun for me, I know you have  to go quite far to burn a good amount of calories, but all these little walks are adding up and I am sure my glutes are getting tighter hehe.

Well that is all that is significant going on in my life right now, I am hoping nothing else pops up this week as I could do with some quiet time lol.  Whatever life throws at me I will throw back harder.

Take care of yourselves everyone.

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