Booey’s Birthday Money Shopping Trip

Booey’s birthday seems so far away now. It was only a month ago, but with my son being in hospital and us going to Butlin’s, hospital check ups and life I haven’t gotten round to taking her shopping yet. She didn’t have a huge amount to spend, but it was nice for us to have a little shopping trip together.

Before we even left for town she told me that she was definitely going to buy the unicorn duvet set that they have in Primark at the moment. She has wanted it ever since she saw it. Booey is mad about unicorns. She has so much that is a unicorn or has unicorns on it. I keep telling her she will turn into one lol.

We spent quite a while in Primark as Booey could not decide which clothes she wanted to buy. We saw some really cute pyjama’s with a unicorn on. Unfortunately they only had them in the smaller children’s sizes, she was not happy.

We also popped into Boots and got a free mud face mask each using the o2 priority app. It was nice to be able to get a little treat like for us both.

While we were in town we also decided to get some of the school bits Booey needed. The school uniform (shirts and trousers) we got from Asda. The uniform is not expensive in there and it lasts well. I also find that they have a good size range in there too.

The stationery items that she needed were from Wilko. We both love stationery and Wilko has some really cute items (some of which I bought Booey for her birthday).

It was lovely to have some time just the two of us. Stopping at the coffee house for tea, juice and cake is also a must when we go shopping. Shopping together is always so much fun. There will be many more shopping trips to come this year I have no doubt.

Booey has made a video of everything that she got to show you all. I hope you enjoy it.

Take care everyone.

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