Booey’s Birthday Wish List

In two weeks Booey will be 12. Where have the years gone. It seems like only 5 minutes ago she was a baby. Booey has definitely grown up a lot in the last year. She has started senior school, begun going out with her friends and her moods are changeable.  Lucky for me she still wants to hang out and spend time with her mum.

This is the first birthday where she hasn’t asked for any toys. She is far too mature and cool for them now apparently. The cost of her birthday is rising, I’m a little scared lol! Apart from the cost, the thing that scares me is how fast she is growing up. I wish she would stay a little girl for longer. But society today seems to be leading children to grow up fast.

Before I start moaning about her growing up too much, let’s get on with her wish list.

At Christmas we bought Booey some Zoella bath products.  She was over the moon with them and is trying to make them last as long as possible! She has asked for some more for her birthday. I got the ones for Christmas in Superdrug. They were on 3 for 2 then. I am hoping they will have a deal on at the moment. Booey made a video about she thought of the Zoella bath products.

I let Booey loose on my Amazon wish list. I let her add a few things so I could get an idea of what she wanted, the following items are what she chose.

 She loves the look of this mermaid make up brush. I don’t think it will matter if it is any good for putting make up on or not, she likes it as it is cute. She loves anything that is unicorn or mermaid themed. Booey is really getting into using make up, so I don’t think this will be the last make up brush she will be wanting.

 This mermaid and unicorn themed dress is Booey all over. If she hadn’t picked it I would have picked it for her. It is really cute and I know she would look cute in it. I am glad she still likes cute dresses, maybe she is not growing up too much yet!

And here are the unicorns! These pj’s sum up Booey’s life completely at the moment. Unicorns, wifi and besties are pretty much all she seems to think about. Booey could really do with some new summer pj’s so something like this would be great.

Booey also put the new Pointless book by YouTuber Alfie Deyes on her list. This is only available for pre-order at the moment. I will probably get her this as well when it is available.

We are going to give Booey some money for her birthday, then we will go into town and let her choose what she wants to buy. I have some Amazon vouchers put by so will be buying her a couple of things from this list.

I see lots of clothes shopping in my future lol!

Take care everyone.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through them I may recieve some commission at no cost to you.

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