Christmas Shopping Already

my kids at Christmas

Today I bought the first couple of bits of Christmas shopping. I cannot say what I bought as Booey may see this post and the bits I got were for her.

Just buying these little bits made me realize that I really don’t know what to get hubby and the kids this year. And none of them know what they want either.

Now that the kids are older, it is hard to find things to get them. Everything they want now is so expensive. Computer games, tablets and phones are just a few of the things they want. Unfortunately, I don’t think my budget will stretch to all of that.

Are kids expectations at Christmas and on birthdays too much? I hate to think that my kids will grow up thinking that these things just appear. Kids nowadays don’t seem to have any idea of the value of things, but they want it all.

But then, if we do not give them these expensive toys, are we leaving them open to possible teasing if they don’t have the same as everyone else. It’s a bit of a no win situation I think.

So, it looks like my saving is going to have to continue for another couple of months. Actually I think I am going to be saving forever with my kids wants lol.

My kids may not have every trendy bit of kit this Christmas, but I will make sure they have at least some of it and lots of lovely little bits too. As much as I love them, I will not be getting myself in debt for Christmas.

I may be doing Christmas on a bit of a budget, but I know we are going to have a lovely time and I cannot wait!

Take care everyone.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Already

  1. We have the same problem each time Christmas rolls round. Everything they want as they get older seems so expensive. This year we are following the 4 present rule: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I wonder how it’s going to go down!

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