Colouring Fun

For a few months I have seen these adult colouring books popping up in shops in town. My reaction to these was pretty much “what a waste of time, stupid idea”, and I know I wasn’t alone with this thought.

I knew that art therapy is a great thing, and has helped many people with various issues, but I really could not see why people would buy these colouring books. These are for kids, not grown up, sensible people.

But then, my daughter started badgering me about getting one. She kept on and on, and until not I have stuck to my guns. Then last week, on a rainy day I gave in so that we had something to do at home. She already had a smaller version of the books that had come free with a magazine, so I bought one and some more colouring pencils and we sat down.

Next thing I know, it was two hours later and I had coloured some lovely leaves. I couldn’t believe I had spent so much time colouring and had not even completed half of the picture, but, I was incredibly relaxed and had actually enjoyed the time, plus it was quality time with my daughter.

I had bashed these books quite a lot when they came out, I made an opinion about them without actually trying them out or asking anyone if they liked them or not. I will definitely be thinking about opinions I make of things now, maybe I should try things first.

Five hours have now been spent on just one picture and it is still not finished. I want it to look great, I can’t believe how much pride I am taking in this. It has been so nice to be doing this with my daughter, we already do quite a lot together, but it is always great to find something else we can enjoy together.

If you have some spare time I would definitely recommend getting one of these books or downloading printing some of the pictures and giving it a go yourself. Let your mind wonder and relax as you colour, who knows, it may just inspire a blog post.

Take care everyone.

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