February Review & March Goals

February was a little slower than January, But I have a good feeling about March. I have been doing little bits here and there to hopefully improve my blog a little. All these bits should help to grow my blog to where I would like it to be.

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Although February was slow, I think my figures were not too bad. I have just gone over 1500 twitter followers and I am at 399 on Instagram. I am getting there and will be working on this in March.

My blog views are slightly up on last month which is good. I have joined Aby Moore from You Baby Me Mummy’s #MumBossSquad and Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks how to make money from your blog course. The tips and ideas that I have gotten from both of these is really helping to make improvements on the blog. And they have helped me to be more confident in what I am doing. I would definitely recommend joining these.

Hitting my goals was a bit hit and miss this month, but I don’t think I did too badly.

  • Apply to Brands for posts/reviews: I was aiming to apply to at least 5 a week, but It was probably more like 2 a week. As I have been doing Hayley’s course I have been concentrating on getting my blog up to scratch. I feel this is going to serve me better in the long run. I am talking to one brand at the moment about doing a review and giveaway. It is nothing too big, but I am looking forward to doing it.
  • Use Pinterest More: This was bit of a fail. I started off at the beginning of the month trying to put into practice all of the tips and tricks I had read. But, then I got completely distracted by Instagram, So, I have been building Instagram instead. Posting more and interacting more with the people I follow has seen a rise in my followers. How can I not be happy with this.
  • Write 3 blog posts a week: I managed this 2 weeks out of 4, considering one of them was half term I was surprised how well I did with this. I really need to be writing 3 posts a week if I want to get to where I want to be.

And here are my goals for March.

  • Grow Instragam more:I did well with this last month, so I have decided to keep going with this month. I love Instagram, it is a great platform and I think it’s growth will be great for the blog.
  • Write 3 posts a week: I have kept this goal in as it is something I feel that I need to be doing. Hopefully I will achieve this this month.
  • Get the blog “brand” ready: Using everything I have learned from the course I am doing and Aby’s Facebook group I want to implement a few changes to make my blog look nicer for brands that I want to work with. I want brands to WANT to work with me and this is an important step in getting there.

My goals for March are great and I don’t think I am taking on too much with small goals like these. This in turn give me more time to write.

What are your goals for the month?

Take care everyone.

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