Getting A New Guinea Pig Cage

new guinea pig cage

For a while now we have needed to get a new Guinea Pig cage for our not so little guinea, Cheeky. The cage we had was the one that we bought when we first got her. We have had her for over two years, so she needed an upgrade (my son’s words not mine lol). Also, the old cage was starting to show signs of wear and tear.

So, Ben and myself went to Pets at Home.

Before we started looking at the cages we had to do the obligatory looking at the fish, rabbits, hamsters, degu and of course guinea pigs. I could have bought so many guinea pigs home, they all looked so cute.

There were a lot of cages to choose from. We were not sure of which one to get so we asked a member of staff. The lady told us that it is important that the guinea pig has enough room, a cage that was too small would hamper the guineas growth. She helped us find the right size cage, one that came with free bedding, sawdust, water bottle, food bowl and food.

We had fun carrying the cage across the carpark and trying to fit it in my car. And of course it started to rain!

Once home, we set the new cage up with all the bits and bobs. There will be enough of the hay etc to change the bedding at least once more.

Then we put cheeky in her new home.

Guinea Pig in cage    guinea pig in cage

Cheeky had a good sniff around. It took her a little while to realize that her food bowl was now on top of the house bit.

We left her to settle for a bit whilst Ben and I went our for lunch.

mother and son

Ben made this video about his day and our trip to pets at home.

I would definitely advise asking for help when buying a new cage for any small animal, you need to make sure that yo have the right one.

Take care everyone.

I have not been paid for this post, Pets at home is our local pet shop so that is where we went. All good were paid for by us.

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9 thoughts on “Getting A New Guinea Pig Cage

  1. Aww, an upgrade for a a fab guinea pig I see! I like to wander round pets at home looking at the fishes and the other animals. It’s a good past time! Thanks for linking to #fortheloveofblog

  2. Ahh I love that he is called Cheeky! So cute.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

    1. We have another one as well, she lives in the lounge. We got cheeky first and she didn’t like the new addition so we have to keep them separately. Just means we have to talk to and cuddle them more ?

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