Have I wasted my day?

I have done absolutely nothing today, in fact it is 3:14pm and I am still in my pyjamas. I am going to have to get dressed soon as I have to go to work.

The kids have been out at their dad’s and I have what seems like a million and one things to do, but I have just sat playing on the computer and watching tv. And you know what, it has been great. OK, I do feel like I have wasted a day, but it has been so nice just to do what I have wanted to do.

Not worrying about doing all the little things around the house has made a difference to my day, I actually feel relaxed and rested, something which I rarely feel. Even knowing that I will have a bit more to do tomorrow is not bothering me.

I think we all need to take a day now and then to relax and catch our breath, a lot of sanity would be saved this way.

And no, I do not think this makes me lazy, come on, it is one day. I do so much everyday, even days I am not working feel like I am working in some way or another.

The only thing I am really regretting right now is the fact that I haven’t had a nice long bubble bath, I should have taken advantage of no one being home and being able to take as long as I want in the bathroom.

So, have I wasted my day, in most eyes probably. Will I do this in the future, oh heck yes I will. It probably won’t be very often, but wasting a day again will save my sanity.

Take care everyone.

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