My House Has A Black Hole

Yes, my house seems to have it’s very own black hole. And I am sure those of you that are parents may have one in your house too. A place where objects go and they are never seen again! I don’t think black holes are empty vacuous space, they are the universes collection of lost things. I bet even aliens lose things there!

black hole

Many things have disappeared into the black hole that lives in my house over the years. No matter how much I search they cannot be found! I mean, how can something just disappear? It has to be somewhere.

I thought I would let you know about some of the things that have seemed to vanished from our house.

The first thing (as I am sure is the same with most of you) is socks. You put a pair in the washing machine, yet only one comes out. Now this doesn’t happen with every pair of socks. The black hole leads you into a false sense of security. It lets you keep pairs of socks for a little while. Then bam! One or two socks start disappearing. They are not in the washing machine, they are not in the pipes etc of the washing machine and they are not in the drawer where they should be.

odd socks thst have gone into the black hole

So where are they? I turn the bedrooms upside down, yet still they evade me. There must be one heck of a pile of socks at the end of my black hole!

Scissors. Yes scissors disappear in my house. In the last year, I have bought 2 sets of scissors. Both had 3 pairs in them. All that remains now is one small pair and a kitchen pair that have ceased up. The other 4 pairs have just vanished. I thought they would be in Booey’s room as she like to make stuff all the time. But no, I have been through her room numerous times looking for them to no avail. There is obviously a craft loving being in the black hole too.

Another thing that really annoys me as they always vanish is pens. I have a pen pot on my desk and It has different coloured ball point pens in it. The blue pens keep disappearing. I ask everyone if they have borrowed one and they all deny any knowledge of there having been blue pens on my desk in the first place. So, again, I end up buying more for them to vanish later. I just want my pens to be left alone!

I think Booey must have her own personal black hole. She seems to lose so many things. Hairbands, hairclips, hair brushes, t-shirts, books, and the list goes on. Her bedroom is tiny. How can things not be found in it? She literally puts something down, turns her back for a second and it’s gone! With all the hair accessories she has lost over the years I think I am keeping Claires in business!

There are other things that go missing (packs of batteries, remotes, phone chargers), but these are the ones that bug me most of all. I am just hoping that one day that black hole will close and things will stay put!

Do you have things that go missing in your house, I would love to know.

Take care everyone.

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