January 2018 Review & February Goals

Well January is over, which means we are well and truly into 2018 now. I think this may be another year that passes in a quick blur. That being said, I am going to make to make the most out of this year. I have a few goals which I outlined in my goals for 2018 postI have also decided (after many chats with hubby) that this year I am going to do more things for myself. This may only be going to the gym on my own more or having a spa day some when, but I am looking forward to some me time.

January review & February goals

January was a great month, I have started off strong and hoping to continue this way throughout the year.

I have been reading a lot more than I was which is fantastic. I’m so glad I made this one of my goals for this year. I think I am definitely more relaxed for taking a few minutes out here and there to stick my head in a book.

The gym is my favourite place to be at the moment (except for at home of course lol). I am going there 3 or 4 times a week and really progressing with my workouts. I am definitely getting more confident in the gym and have even stepped into the free weights area a few times.

My blogging year started with me co-hosting the #KCACOLS linky with the Lovely Franca (Check out her blog here). I co-hosted once last year and I am hoping to do this again later in the year. I love the #KCACOLS linky, it has been one of my favourites from when I started blogging, so being more involved in it was lovely for me.

This month I also had the opportunity to write 2 reviews. One for Prestige Flowers on their beautiful Valentine’s flowers and one for Kaya Jewellery and their range of mother/daughter jewellery. It has been fantastic to get these opportunities and I have enjoyed doing them. I am currently reading a book which I have been sent to review, so look out for that soon too!

Onto the things I want to achieve this month.

  • Read 2 books – I am halfway through 2 books at the moment, the one I am reviewing and one I started before that. I think this will be quite easy to do.
  • Look into different workouts for the gym – I am loving the gym at the moment and don’t want to get bored with what I am doing or for my body to get used to it. With the help of a few fitness magazines I read and YouTube I think I should be able to find new variations of what I am doing.
  • Work on Interacting with other bloggers more – I have had a couple of conversations on Twitter with other bloggers, and I think co-hosting the linky put me in touch with more bloggers. But, I still feel I am very outside of the blogging community and that is down to me. I am going to try to be more involved.
  • Keep posting 3 times a week – This slipped a bit last week, mostly as I was working more. I wan to try and keep this up as it seems to be working well for me.

I am not setting myself too many goals I think taking on too much will just leave me stressed and panicking that I haven’t got it all done.

Have you set any goals for yourself, I would love to hear them.

January review & February goals

Take care everyone.





4 thoughts on “January 2018 Review & February Goals

  1. Hi, I wish I could make the same goals as you, sadly I just don’t have the time for 3 posts a week, I should be better at the gym, and I need to read more #TriumphantTales

  2. Congrats on your goals, I think its great you’re breaking them down monthly so you can really see what you’re achieving!
    Thank you for sharing this post with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

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