January Decluttering

Back in October I wrote a post about how I was starting to declutter my home and my life. I wanted to make my home a more comfortable place to be in and easier to look after. In my life, I wanted to eliminate the things that bought me down and do more for myself. I think I have made a pretty solid start with this. My bedroom has pretty much stayed clutter free and I am much happier with how my life is going personally. But, it is the start of a new year. What better time to continue and improve on what I have already started.

January decluttering

I was lucky enough to receive some lovely presents this year for Christmas. And I have finally found places for them all. I even bought myself a couple of little treats in the sales. But this means that there is more stuff in the house again. So, I decided January would be a great time for finishing all my decluttering. I have even managed to get Booey to sort through some of her stuff (and omg, she still has so much!).

We have both been through our wardrobes and taken out anything that we haven’t worn for a long while. Even though I did this in October, I still found a lot that could go. There is so much more room in the wardrobes now it is lovely. And I am resisting (well, so far!) the temptation to buy anything new.

I have done the same with bedding. I really should have done this when Ben moved out. There are so many duvet sets that don’t get used anymore as the kids have outgrown them. Getting these out has given so much more room in the cupboards. I can actually properly fit the hoover and other bits in there now.

decluttering bedding was a job that needed doing

Books are something that both Booey and I hoard. We both read a lot (to read more is one of my personal goals this year), our bookshelves are full. This had meant that any new books that I got just ended up ona pile on the bedroom floor, something I was trying to avoid. All the books that I have read and I know that I am not going to read again (Booey has done the same) have been taken off the shelf. They are in a box ready to go to webuybooks.com. I have gotten rid of some clutter and made a few pennies as well.

decluttering books

Next on my list is the kitchen. I know this will take me a day or two to do as the cupboards are basically full of over 6 years worth of crap. Between us we received 6 mugs for Christmas. The cups and mugs need to cut down, I now I am going to struggle with this as there are so many of my mugs I love, but they need to go.

Before I start my kitchen declutter, I thought I would leave you some tips to help with any decluttering you decide to do.

  • Concentrate on one room at a time. Trying to do more will just leave you feeling over whelmed.
  • As hard as it is, try not to get sentimental over things, if you do not need it, why do you have it?
  • With clothing, get rid of anything that you haven’t worn over the last year. And get rid of that pile of odd socks lol!
  • When going through your things you have to think “do I really need/use/want this? Do I have room for this?
  • If it is broken, it has to go!
  • You can sell any unwanted books/dvds you have, make space and a few pennies at the same time. You can also sell clothes on ebay etc.

Are you planning on any new year decluttering? Do you have any good decluttering tips? I would love to hear them.

january decluttering

Take care everyone.

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16 thoughts on “January Decluttering

  1. I really need to do this!! I would find it hard because I always say I don’t own lots but what I have is used. I bet I could find some things!! One room at a time sounds achievable! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  2. Decluttering is a forever on going activity in this house for sure. Thanks for revealing how you are getting on. #FamilyFunLinky

  3. I absolutely need to do this. Can I just hire you? You sound like you’ve nailed the art! Thanks for sharing at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again tomorrow.

  4. There are some great tips here and something that I need to do. I always feel so overwhelmed by it and can never decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I definitely have too many books aswell! Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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