January Review & February Goals

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Christmas seems a million miles away now and we have just entered February. It seems only five minutes ago that I was writing my goals for the year, now I am actually working on them.

January was a lot busier than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a slow start into the year, boy I was wrong. It is not just blogging that kept me busy, things at home have been busy too, but then if nothing was going on I would be bored lol

So, how did I get on in January?

The most exciting thing for me was that I did my first collaborative post (which you can read here). I applied just to get experience of the process and was totally shocked when they asked me to be part of the project. As it was my first post of this kind I did take my time in making sure I had included everything that was necessary, I have never been so scared writing a post! I received a nice email back from the PR lady, so all was good. I didn’t get paid very much for the post, but it was a nice start. Hopefully there will be more of these throughout the year.

There has been a little rise in the number of people reading my posts this month. I think this is (at least partly) down to the fact I have started using Social Oomph to schedule my post throughout the day. Before I was only sharing them if I was at home and at the laptop, now I can set them to share throughout the day. Facebook blogger groups and sharing pages are something I am using more too.

I have kind of worked out how to make my own thumbnails for my YouTube videos now. They are by no means perfect, but they are much better than the thumbnails that were being picked of me before looking like I was tired or sitting with my mouth gaping open lol.

Now onto my goals for February.

  • Apply to Brands for posts/reviews etc. I am aiming to apply to at least 5 brands a week. This may not sound many to some of you, but I don’t want to get myself bogged down and lose enthusiasm for what I am doing.
  • Use Pinterest more. I have rearranged some of my boards and I have started boards for my empties and weight series. I also want to be pinning others content as well as my own.
  • Write 3 blog posts a week (more if the occasion arises). I have found that this has been a good number of posts for me to write and seems to be working ok at the moment. If the time comes that I have more time and things to write then I will post more.

A continuing goal will be to keep growing my blog and YouTube. All of my goals will hopefully contribute to that.

Have you set yourself any goals this month, blogging or otherwise?

Take care everyone.

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29 thoughts on “January Review & February Goals

  1. I have not considered a scheduler for social media posts. That sounds like a great idea. I sometimes have days with nothing on social media pages. Hope you can keep to your goals. #KCACOLS

  2. I set myself goals at the beginning of year year but not monthly goals. I think it’s an excellent idea to have monthly goals. It helps you break your overall goals into manageable chunks and keep you on track! I’m definitely going to start setting myself monthly goals. Congratulations on your first collaborative peace! #KCACOLS

  3. You sound so focused and productive, I need to set goals as I tend to meander but am so fickle and then tend to upset myself. I have been blogging a year in April/May so need to start setting tasks, I suppose a big one for me lately has been trying to get blog life balance between working, I wish I had found blogging when Leo was still a baby to get myself stuck in a bit more. Now my blogging times are between 9pm and 11 pm! Its fab that you have figured out Youtube thumbnails…puts that down on the list!Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx

  4. I love the idea of writing down your
    Blogging goals!!! I need to do that. This month I’m focusing on revamping Pinterest and learning how to use it better. And increasing my followers on my blog and instagram. I want to start approaching brands but it’s very intimidating!!!! How did you find the collaborative project that you worked on?? Thanks for sharing. Glad I found you on #kcacols

  5. Great goals. Although I don’t make them for the month, I did do them for the year, and mine are similar. Good luck with them!x #kcacols

  6. Ah bus is inspiring. Good to hear you’ve achieved some great goals. I am going to try some of the things you have in Jan. Will also take a read of your collab post ??


  7. Sounds like your goals are going well. Well done on your collab…I have done a few with people I have met through business networking but never had a response from one I have applied for…fingers crossed I will get one soon! #KCACOLS

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