July Review & August Goals

It is August and the sun has still barely been seen! We have just come back from a couple of days in Cornwall and the weather was awful. But we still had a nice couple of days away. I also took a tiny step back from the blog while we were away. Partly so I could enjoy time with my family and partly as I was getting a little stressed with it. It was only a short break from it but I don’t feel as stressed as I was. I also sat and wrote lists of the things I really want to achieve and do with my blog. This has really helped me to refocus on what I am doing.

July Review & August Goals

This has not been the best month for me. My mind was all over the place and I was losing faith in myself and the blog.My blog views were down a bit, but I didn’t write that many posts so was to be expected. Social media follows seem to be still rising slowly though.

I did a review through Review Directory for Sensse Beauty and their Anti-ageing cleansing brush. I really enjoyed trying it out, Booey likes it too and keeps trying to steal it from me lol! You can read that review here.

Onto how well I did with my goals last month.

Get more posts ready and scheduled: This was a massive fail. I only wrote a couple of posts this month. My lost mojo has a lot to answer for. Now my head is back in the game, this should improve a lot.

Use Instagram more: I have been posting on Instagram pretty much everyday. Also I have been trying to like and comment on more posts as well. Doing that has helped me see a little rise in followers and interaction on my posts. This is great! I am going to carry on with doing this and the rise should continue.

Improve my about me page: Again, a bit of a fail. I updated the about me details in the sidebar of my blog, but not the actual page. This is something I am going to try and fit in and do a bit here and there. I will get it done!

Now onto what I want to achieve during August.

Write a proper media kit: As I am wanting to do more brand work, I am going to have to write a proper media kit. At the moment I am just using my work with me page and sending that to possible clients. It kinda does to the job, but I would like to look more professional. It will be a lot of work, but worth it.

Write a template email for contacting Brands: Moving on from my media kit, I think a template for replying to brands and sending to brands would be good and save me time. If I have a basic template I can adjust to suit each brand. 

Get back to writing 3 posts a week: I was doing so well with this and it was showing in my blog stats too. 3 posts a week works well for me and is not too much to handle. I still have time for family and doing other blog related things.

I have had my crappy month. Hopefully this month will be much better.

What would you like to achieve this month?

Take care everyone.

The Pramshed

2 thoughts on “July Review & August Goals

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself for loosing your blog mojo, we all feel a bit like that sometimes, and it’s good to have a break every now and again. Good luck on putting together a media kit, I still need to do mine, and once you’ve got the PR email template set-up, all you need to do is tweak it for the various brands and PRs. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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