June Review and July Goals

I am a bit late with writing my goals for July. This is because last week the keyboard on my laptop decided to stop working properly. I have the laptop insured with PC World. It is in there for repair, but I won’t have it back until the 12th of July. Currently, I am using my tablet and phone for everything blogging related. But is am finding it incredibly slow and it won’t let me do certain things (like use pic monkey!). It is driving me mad, and doesn’t make blogging as enjoyable as it usually is for me. I cannot wait to get my laptop back!

June Review and July goals

Now I have finished whining, onto how I did with my goals.

My total blog views for the month were up by 9. This may not be a lot to some of you, but I am glad it is going up. It has taken me longer than a lot of other bloggers to get my blog noticed (I’m probably doing everything wrong lol!), but slowly things are happening. Thus happening overnight was something I never expected so I am happy with how it is going.

I did a review of Pizza Express loggers pizzas which went well, hopefully that will lead to more reviews. I have also been putting myself forward for more. My confidence in myself and my little blog is growing all the time.

How did I do with my goals for June?

Get more posts ready and scheduled – I was starting to do this and then the laptop failed me.on the bright side I have loads of content for next month lol! I am going to keep this as a goal for July so I can hopefully see it through properly.

Use Instgram more – this he been a big fat fail! I keep forgetting to take pictures while I am out or to post at all. I have been liking a lot of pictures on there, but because of the new algorithms I only seem to see certain people’s pictures.  Which is fine, but I can see how it is cutting down everyone’s interaction on there. I am also going to keep this as one of my goals for July. 

Find scheduling apps that work for me – I have been using social oomph more than I was before. I’m thinking of ttying the paid version of the app so that I can do more with it. I have also been trying Tailwind for Pinterest. I still am not sure how to use Pinterest,  but I am trying to share and schedule with Tailwind. Hopefully my bumbling around on there will soon pay off lol!

As I have kept two of my goals for June I am only going to write one more for July.

Improve my about me page – As you may know, this is something I have been trying to do for a few months. I am going to try and get the kids involved and take some new pictures of us all to add on that page and make it more current. I am hoping that by adding a little more information about all of us brands may notice us more and be easily able to find what they are looking for.

Hopefully July will be a much better month for me and writing.

Have you set any goals for yourself?

Take care everyone.

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