The Last Days of Junior School

junior school

Booey’s last few days of Junior school came about this week. I cannot believe how quickly the last 3 years of her being there has gone. To me she still seems way to small to be going to secondary school, my baby is growing up.

Booey has really enjoyed her time at Junior school. She has been a school Councillor every year she has been there, been on some fabulous trips and made some lovely friendships.

The last few days have been a bit emotional for her. The whole year group put on a production about their time at the school. At the end there were a few tears from the children as they realized that it really was the end of their time at the school.

Then there was the leavers assembly. They read out poems and sang songs about moving on. Mum’s and children alike were in tears. Each child was given a book containing memories of the year, an autograph book, a dvd of their residential trip to Mill Rythe and a pen.


And of course there was the leavers disco. Booey insisted on having a lovely new dress. My friend took her shopping as I am not very good at girly shopping lol. She did her own hair and make up, I think she did a great job.


Don’t they both look so cute (they will hate me for saying that lol). They had a lovely time at the disco. Lots of dancing and singing. Although they did say they had to keep going outside as it was so hot in the hall.

After that they had one day left at the school. School shirts and autograph books were signed, mobile numbers exchange, goodbyes were said and yet more tears were shed. Booey was quite upset as one of her good friends is moving away.

Most of her friends are going to the same secondary school as her. A few are going to different school, but in the same area, so she will still see them at weekends.

Her journey at Junior school may have come to an end, but the years to come are going to be just as exciting. Many new opportunities await. The future is bright for them all.

Take care everyone.

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