Library Time

I am off to the library with my daughter again this afternoon. I am so glad we started this little weekly tradition of doing so. Seeing her enjoy so many books is so good. And it is keeping her mind active and creative, she is writing a lot of poems and story ideas down lately and this is great to see.

I am loving that we can share books and learn things together. It is making me look at and read books that I probably wouldn’t have chosen before, it’s like being a kid again, a world of books before me.

My daughter encourages me to look at books about things that I am really interested in, instead of picking up books that I think people like me should (Fifty shades, Silvia Day’s books, romance in general are being thrown at women my age though magazines etc) should be reading and I do not enjoy reading these much at all, in fact I get bored and most of the time stop reading.

Books that teach me something new or improve on things I already know are my love right now. The subject matter is always changing, I have read books on photography, writing, health, fitness and psychopaths in the last couple of months. What I read is eclectic, but I love it, I really have found my love for books again.

Not only am I loving books, but I am also learning to improve myself and my confidence too. I am making time each day to read, even if it is only for a few minutes. Doing this everyday has really helped me to relax a lot more.

Kids are great for showing you ways to be happy. My daughter is bright and funny and always knows how to make me smile. My son and her have kept me going, they (and my wonderful husband) have been there with hugs when I have needed them, even if they haven’t understood why.

This is why I really appreciate the time I have with my daughter. Every minute we spend together is precious and together we are expanding out literary minds which is a definite bonus.

On the flips side, I don’t have as much time with my son as he is 16 and spending time with mum is not cool, but I know he loves me. We do have a bit of time together when we film our little YouTube videos which we all find fun.

I would encourage you all (if you do not already) to take your kids to the library, share books with them, I promise that you will treasure this time together.

Take care everyone.

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