Living With A Tween

My baby girl is not a baby any more. We have entered the tween phase. Not quite a teenager, but no longer a little girl either. The hormones are beginning to rule, I am not sure it is going to be a gentle ride.

tween girl wearing sunglasses

Booey has always been a happy, friendly little girl. She still is, most of the time. But there is definitely a change in her attitude now. I think this is a combination of her age and the fact she is at senior school now.

When I used to ask her to do something, she would pretty much do it straight away. Now, she has to check her Instagram and catch up with her favourite YouTubers before she will do anything. Or she just has a complete strop because asking her to tidy her room is completely unreasonable of me!

In this respect, it is a bit like having a toddler again, accept she doesn’t strop on the floor of the supermarket. Instead she will sit in her messy room moaning about how hard done by she is (and in that time could have tidied her room!).

And of course we have the awkward body changes starting. We have bought her some teeny tiny bras from Primark. She liked them so much she bought herself some more. She feels very grown up wearing them. This change I can handle and it means more shopping for us together (yay!).

I can also handle the fact that we now have to buy her grown up deodorant and face wash. Booey really loves beauty products so trying different face washes has been fun for her. But her taste in beauty products has changed, she wants all the Zoella stuff which I think is expensive for an 11-year-old personally. I did buy her some for Christmas but it was on 3 for 2 and I had a gift card to use.

Not only does she want the nice bath stuff, she wants to plaster her face in make up too. She is not allowed to wear any to school so that is one less battle I have over this. I don’t mind her using a little make up, bit she wants foundation, the works. I don’t think her young skin is ready for this so again, she gets stroppy as I won’t let her use it.

girl in prom dress

It feels like our children are wanting to be grown ups so early now. I wish she wasn’t in such a rush to grow up. Society and her peers are all telling her how to dress and look, while I am telling her to be herself.

Even through all the tantrums, sulking and hormonal outbursts she is still lovely to be with. Booey still like to hold my hand while we are out. And she still loves hugs so much I am sure she going to break one of my ribs squeezing me so tight!

I am going to enjoy being with my little girl as much as I can before the teenage years really take her away from me.

Take care everyone.



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