Make Up Bag Envy

make up and make up brushes

I never thought I would be writing a post about being envious of someone else’s make up bag. My relationship with make up has always been an on/off one. I go through phases where I wear it all the time or not at all. Over the last few months I have loved myself new make up (thanks to winning a nice big Boots voucher) and have tried to start wearing it more.

My make up skills are still quite basic, but I am getting better, YouTube has helped me with this. I am buying colours I would not normally as well as trying things I have never used before. There has never been so much make up in my life.

I have even started taking some make up to the gym with me for after my shower, I feel good inside and out.

A couple of days ago, I had my shower at the gym, got dressed and sat down at the mirror to dry my hair and put a little slap on. Two seats away from me were a girl and her mother, each with their own male up bag. The girl can only have been about 12, 13 at the most, but she had the biggest make up bag. One of those Lovely Cath Kidston esque bags that looked like it had enough make up in it to fill the shelves of a shop.

I could not stop staring as she pulled product after product out of the bag. There were primers, highlighters, shadows, blushes, lip glosses and brushes galore. She applied everything faultlessly (not that she needed any make up, she was pretty, and young), I was embarrassed to get my little bag out.

I took much longer than I usually do in the hope that she would be finished and go before I started with my make up. But alas, she was still going when I had finished my hair. So, I got my make up out and started to apply it, kind of turning away a little so she couldn’t see how inept with my products I am.

make up bag and make upMy little make up bag.

There I was, a 37 year old woman intimidated by a 12 year old girl and her make up bag. I wanted to be the one with the big bag full of pretty things.

I’m sure my hubby thought I was mad when I came out of the changing rooms ranting about a child with an amazing make up bag. I was really jealous.

It also shows that in this day and age, young girls are growing up to fast. The girl at the gym didn’t need any make up (well no one truly does), she was pretty without it. I guess it is something that she has grown up with as her mother had a matching bag with just as much in it, if not more.

Booey has some make up, but I won’t let her use foundation or anything like that on her skin and she can only wear the make up if I say she can.

So, I guess now I am going to have to get myself a bigger make up bag and do a full face of make up every time I finish at the gym. I am not letting a 12 year old best me in the bag stakes!

Take care everyone.

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