Making Halloweeny Fairy Cakes

Booey and her friends wanted to make Fairy cakes. Seeing as it is half-term and we had the time we said yes. We were at my wonderful friend Emma’s house. She is much better than me at baking (well cooking in general lol), so I left the instruction up to her, and I took photos.

We got everything that the kids would need out, then let them at it.

This is the recipe we followed.

fairy cake recipe

The kids weighed out all the ingredients themselves as we stood back and observed.

weighing ingredients        in the bowl

We then watched (in fright!) as they all tried to mix the ingredients at the same time!

mixing         mixing bowl

Emma has the best baking hack I have seen. Using an ice cream scoop to get all of the mixture in the fairy cake cases. This worked so well. There was hardly any mess and all the mixture went in the cases.

mixture cases         mixture into cases

The cakes then went into the oven for 40 minutes on gas mark 1.

While the cakes cooked, Emma and I had a much needed cup of tea as the girls played.

When the cakes were cooked, Emma put them on a cooling rack ready to be decorated. As we waited for the cakes to cool we got the girls to make us another cup of tea. I cannot tell you how good it is when your kids are old enough to make a cup of tea for YOU lol.

baked cakes

Emma made the icing and the kids started to put it on their cakes. They had four cakes each.

icing cakes

They put Halloween themed sprinkles on the cakes. There were witches, skulls and pumpkins as well as black, purple and orange sprinkles too.

cake decorating        20161026_144518

The girls were very happy with the finished product.

fairy cakes

I also took some video of the girls cake making.

We all had a lovely afternoon and some yummy cakes to eat. I wonder what I can get Emma to make with them for Christmas?

Take care everyone

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