“making Money” on the internet 2

Part 2 of this blog is not coming to me as easily as the first, but here goes and please bear with me.

“making money” on the internet, like I said in my last blog, is not as easy as it sounds. There are many advertisements that they will earn you money, they just don’t always say how much and how hard it is to do.

Survey site advertisements are all over the place right now. They come up in search results and as adverts at the side of websites. The idea of just filling in surveys to earn a little cash is quite inviting, after all, how hard can that be.

Once you join said survey site and go through all the pages of profile questions, you can finally start answering surveys. Some of them pay well (up to £5), some of them not quite so much, still sounds ok doesn’t it. What you have to remember is that you may not be suitable for every survey, you may only be right for 1 or 2 a week, which will mean it will take you a while to earn any sum of money and most of these sites have a minimum amount you must earn before you can “cash out” what you have earned.

Some of the sites do not reward you with money for surveys, but they give you “entries” into a prize draw. The prize in these draws is usually a couple of thousand Pounds/Dollars. I don’t actually know whether anyone does genuinely win these prizes or not, but to me it seems you do a lot to get nothing in the end.

Then you have the sites that reward you with points for completing surveys. You then save up these points for things such as store gift cards. Again, you may not get many surveys that you are applicable for and the amount of points you need to get anything worthy is often quite high.

My personal opinion on this is that they make the “cash out” or reward points amount so high that people give up before they claim anything meaning that the company has got it’s survey results at no cost to them. Like I said, this my own personal opinion and may not actually be the case.

One other thing myself and a friend have been talking about is selling photos online. You can upload pictures to apps that sell them as stock photos. My friend is a budding photographer and she thought this might be a good start and it would help her with improving her shots. So far she has sold one picture (after it being on the site for just over a week), she only got 11p for it, but each picture can be sold multiple times.

This will never make her a millionaire, but with time it could be a handy source of pocket money and it is a good way of getting yourself out there and known for your work.

Obviously, there is also writing blogs and making Youtube videos as ways of earning money as well.  Monetizing these can be a way of making money, it will take you a lot of time and effort to build up a following of people and even then there is no guarantee that they will click on the adverts on your pages. You could have 1000 readers, but if no one clicks on them, you get nothing (I myself have made nothing from these so far, but I carry on for my love of making them not money).

I am sure if you look hard enough you will find many other ways of making money on the internet, just don’t expect any of them to make you mega rich.

Take care everyone

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