March Review & April Goals

April has arrived and it has brought some lovely weather with it. The weekend was lovely. So lovely that I didn’t want to stay inside and blog, but I did. We also managed to get a couple of short walks in to which was lovely.

April goals

Things on the blog have been good through March. For the last two weeks of the month I have seen a very slight rise in the number of blog views I get. I think this is because I have been taking part in a couple more linkys. It is a bit of extra work for me, but it is paying off.

My social media stats have gone up on all platforms except for Facebook. Facebook seems to be a hard one for a lot of people to crack. I will just keep going with it and hopefully it will start going up soon.

This monthI did ok with my goals. There was a little blip in the middle of the month. This was due to it being the 1st anniversary of my dad passing away. My head just wasn’t with the blog for a few days or so.

My most popular post of the month was My Mother’s Day WishlistI really enjoyed writing this as it was a chance to have a bit of fun with a post.

As for my goals…..

  • Grow my Instagram more. My instagram has grown a bit over the month. But, what I am really happy with is that my interaction on Instagram has grown. I get more likes and comments now. This is down to the fact that I am trying to interact with others more too (I am trying the same on Twitter too). I am going to keep doing this.
  • Post three posts a week. I did much better with this this month. I am thinking ahead to what I am posting, which is making the writing easier. Long may this continue lol!
  • Get my blog brand ready. There have been a few changes made around the blog. I have updated my sidebar bio a bit and moved the odd bit around. There is work to be done on my about me and work with me pages. I know what I want to do with this, I just need to find the time to do them.

I think I did pretty well overall. Now on to my goals for April.

  • Work on my about me and work with me pages. This is the thing I really want to work on this month. It will be beneficial to my blog to make it look as good as possible.
  • Be more organised. The way I work isn’t always very organised. I waste far too much time on social media (who doesn’t!) and I need to schedule myself better. Writing a to do list for the day is not always cutting it. I am going to read some blogs to get some tips on this.
  • Complete the let’s get visible challenge. This is a course being run by Aby at You Baby Me MummyThe aim of it is to get your blog more visible. I read a lot of Aby’s blogs and watch her YouTube videos so I know this will be a fab course. I am excited and a little bit scared at the thought of doing it, but can’t wait!

April is shaping up to being a great month. I cannot wait to see what it brings.

Take care everyone.

4 thoughts on “March Review & April Goals

  1. Your blog is looking so good Ali, it’s really professional. You’ve got focus too on your goals. I’m down for one of Abys courses coming up so I’m looking to try and get my head into that mode. I hope to get somewhere as I’m sure that I have loads of improvements I need to think about.
    Thanks so much for linking up, lovely to have you at #mainyloveseaster
    Mainy x

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