May Review & June Goals

It’s freaking June already! I thought April went quick, but May barely said hello and it was gone!. Maybe It feels like time is going quickly as I am busy. But it would be nice if June slowed down just a little bit lol! The weather was gorgeous at the beginning of May, but the end was dismal (and still is!). Hopefully blogging will be my ray of sunshine for the month.

June Goals

May was a great month for me. I got to write a post for Prezzo/Britmums about Prezzo’s new #LaFamiglia sharing meals. You can read that post here. And I was also guest host on the #KCACOLS linky run by the lovely Franca at  A Moment With Franca .

Both of these were great opportunities and I hope that I get to do many more things like this in the future.

My views have been up a little this month, I think that is partly due to co hosting #KCACOLS. But I have been sharing posts more regularly too.

On to my goals for last month.

Work on my about me & work with me pages – I have updated and improved my work with me page, but I haven’t gotten round to the about me page yet. I am happy that I have gotten one done.

Try to figure out Pinterest – I have been sharing my posts to Pinterest and pinning others posts, but I still don’t really get it lol! I will keep plugging away at it and see what happens.

Try not to get behind with commenting and blogmin – I have been keeping up with my blogmin really well. And I have just about been keeping up with my commenting. I do need to be more organised with getting my commenting done.

It would have been nice to have gotten some more done this month, but what I have gotten done is ok.  I need to spend less time on Twitter and more time working lol!

Now what do I want to achieve this month?

Get more posts ready and scheduled – I have lots of ideas for posts and tend to write them there and then. The sponsored posts I write well before I publish them. I need to get into more of a routine of writing and publishing. That way my readers will get to know when I post and hopefully read more of my posts.

Use Instagram More – I was in a really good routine of posting daily on Instagram and my followers and engagement was going up a little. I would really like to get back into doing this as I love Instagram and I think it would be really good for my blog.

Find scheduling apps that work for me – I use social oophf to schedule posts to Twitter, but I would like to find some apps for other social media as well. I also want to look for apps that will help with blogging in general, to try and make things easier.

Hopefully June will be as good as May. I have somethings I am working on already so you never know!

Do you have any goals for the month?

Take care everyone.

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