My blog and video woes

I really am not the most computer savvy person, a 7 year old would know more about how to use them and posting, making pages etc. Even so I am having a go at getting myself “out there” on the Internet.

I know the basics, uploading photos, music, social media etc, but that is about it (hence the basic layout of my blog), now I want to learn more.

Reading and writing have always been things that I love, but I never really knew where to go to expand my love of these. I have been aware of blogs for a while, but I felt that I never knew enough about one subject to feel confident about writing one.

I think my life is pretty boring, nothing exciting really going on, then I thought about my fight with depression and my weight, maybe people would want to hear about a “normal” persons struggle with these. It has been easier to write about these things than I thought, so whether this becomes a well read blog or not I am happy.

And above you see my first proper attempt at adding a photo to my blog lol
Now that I am underway with my blog I want to improve it, make it more interesting for people to look at read, the same goes for my youtube videos. My youtube videos are kind of like my blogs, although they are more fitness orientated that this. I have no doubt that I will add other videos of myself and my family too.
The problem (or woes as the blog states) I am having is that I have no idea about editing videos, adding effects etc to them, making my blog look better, using urls, sharing etc.  My skills are very limited. 
So, what to do? I have spent a little time reading articles about all of these things, as well as taking out a couple of photography book from the library. So far my progress has been very slow, I won’t lie, I am finding it hard to understand all of these things. but I will keep plugging along and hopefully with a little time my blogs and videos will be amazing and like I said in a previous blog post, I will become a youtube star and a tv presenter lol lol.
If any of you have suggestions of good (and easy to understand) books articles with information about any of these things that you think would benefit me, please comment the link to them .
Thanks for taking the time to read and take care.

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