My favourite things this week

I have had a fairly good week this week. There have been a few little bumps in my path, but I have kept going and just made the best of things. I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favourite things that have happened this week.

Tea with my best friend.
At least once a week, my best friend and I go to our local coffee house and drink tea and eat cake. Even though we talk pretty much every day, there is nothing like a catch up like this. We laugh, moan and set the world to rights.

It also helps that the coffee house we go to is lovely. It is a community cafe run by a lovely couple. Even if we go into town shopping, we always go back there for our tea.

My next favourite thing is a little selfish. I do not often treat myself, so this week when I got my Amazon giftcard reward from Swagbucks, I used it to buy myself some lovely earrings.
I was very excited when they came, they look great and it felt good to have something a little bit nice for me. I know they are not to everyone’s taste but I love them!
Spending time with my daughter is something I always love to do, and I have had plenty of opportunity to do this this week.
Firstly we made some cookies together (see my previous post for the full details of this). This was great fun and we are both looking forward to doing more baking together. We have lots of ideas for cakes and biscuits we would like to try and make in the future, I just hope they all turn out as well.
We also had a lovely trip to the library. We try to go as often as we can. Both of us love reading and get through our books quite quickly. Spending time perusing in the library is one of the things I really love to do, and the fact that I get to share this love with my daughter is amazing.
As our library is not far from our house we walked there this week, which was nice as it gave us more time to chat. 
Finally, one of my favourite moments this week has to be when I went into the photo gallery on my phone to post a picture on Instagram and found the following photo of my daughter.
I don’t know when she had my phone to take this, but it did make me smile. As you can see she is already a little diva and she loves unicorns. 
What were your favourite moments this week?
Take care everyone.

9 thoughts on “My favourite things this week

  1. loving the earrings. I used to be very much into the gothic scene 🙂 My fave things so far this week -that it is sunny! not so good, im stuck at work haha #KCACOLS

  2. Nothing worse then being stuck at work when it's sunny 🙁 I saw the earrings and had to buy them, may have to buy the matching necklace too 😉

  3. Lovely post!! The picture of your daughter at the end with the unicorn headband is lovely! You can tell she has a great personality, 🙂 I love the idea of having a tea time with your best friend every week. This really made me miss my best friends that are all in Peru. I miss them a lot but hey I'm here in the UK and I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post at #KCACOLS. Also, thank you so much for commenting a lot this week. I love that!! I hope to see you again on Sunday, 🙂 xx

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