My Goals For 2018

Now, didn’t 2017 just disappear in a blur. It went so quickly. I really wish I could slow time down sometimes (and not just to stop me looking older!). I had a good year both personally and with my blog. Obviously there were hard times too, but on the whole I think I am quite lucky with my lot in life.

My goals for 2018

Last year I just set myself blogging goals. This year I want to set some personal goals too. I think I need to focus on myself more to make everything come together nicely. I also think making a few personal goals will be a great way to document changes in myself and make me more accountable for looking after myself.

Personal Goals

  • Read More – I love to read, I just don’t really get the time to read. Over Christmas I have stepped back a little from my blog (we all need a rest now and then). I did work at my “normal” job a bit more before Christmas, but after a trip to the library with Booey I made time to read. It would be great to continue this through the year.
  • Go to the gym more/improve my fitness – It is no secret that I want to lose a bit of weight, but I also would love to be fitter than I am now. I love going for long walks with my family, but sometimes it is embarrassing how quickly I get tired out. I do enjoy going to the gym, but again, it’s not always easy to find the time.
  • Wear/use the make up I have – I am bit of a hoarder when it comes to bath and beauty products. I see them, buy them, then do not always use them. I have so much lovely stuff it is time to use it! Why not look amazing every time I go to the supermarket! I think this will do wonders for my confidence too.
  • Try not to stress as much – Now this will not be easy. I am a born worrier. It is very easy for me to keep myself awake at night worrying about things that will never happen or silly things that shouldn’t even bother me. I am hoping that by reading and going to the gym more I will be more relaxed in general. Maybe that will help to curb my worrying a little.

Blogging Goals

  • Post 3 times a week – towards the end of 2017 I got a bit slack with this. I have found that 3 posts a week works really well for me. It’s not so many that I have no time to write them and I seem to get good interaction as well.
  • Apply for more sponsored posts – I had a little more success with this in the second half of 2017 and I would like to build on what I have done so far. As well as hopefully getting to write more reviews I would love to host a few competitions this year. My dream (as I am sure it is for many other bloggers) is to one day be able to do this full-time. So, I am definitely going to be working on getting more sponsored/paid posts.
  • Start a newsletter for my subscribers – This may not happen until later in the year as I would like to build my subscriber list up a little first. It would be great to start putting together a newsletter about my blog, give my readers a bit more insight into what I am doing.
  • Interact more with other bloggers – I used to talk a lot to other bloggers, but the last few months it has trailed off a bit. I am a bit shy and do find it hard to talk to new people, pushing myself to talk to other bloggers will be great to make more friends and supporting each others blogs.

These goals will possibly be built on as the year goes on. I do write a review of each month which will be a great time to do this.

So I am hitting the road running this year and don’t plan on stopping too much if I can help it.

Have you set yourself any goals this year? I would love to hear them.

My goals for 2018

Take care everyone.

The Pramshed

6 thoughts on “My Goals For 2018

  1. Good luck! Not stressing so much is my number one goal for 2018 – it’s such a hard habit to break but I’m sure it would have a really positive effect on my mental health. #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. If I had to pick, I have two: stress less and be more present. I believe they go hand in hand! Good lick, and let’s have an awesome 2018! xoxo #fortheloveofBLOG xoxo

  3. These are all great goals. I can totally relate to the beauty products one, I am a bit of a hoarder as the pretty packaging lures me in. Good luck with all you’re hoping to achieve! Thanks for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG

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