My Sleeping Addiction


Now, I know a few of you have just read the title of this blog and think I am mad. How could anyone be addicted to sleep and why is this a problem? I know that it sounds weird, but it is the only way I can describe things.

For the last few years I have been through bouts of depression. This has always made me feel tired as I struggle to sleep at night. 11 months ago my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It hit me hard and depression began to take hold again.

For 6 months I looked after him, took him for appointments etc. It took it’s toll on me physically and mentally. I had a bit of time off work to try and ease things a bit, but I was still exhausted. So, now and then I would have a nap in the afternoon. It helped me feel a bit more human.

When my dad passed away at Easter, I found it harder to sleep at night. I was devastated, I am not quite sure how I managed to get through the couple of weeks after that.

I began having sleeps in the afternoon, it was kind of an excuse to hide away from everything. It wasn’t everyday, but there was definitely an increase in the amount of time I spent in bed.

Since then it has become pretty much a daily habit for me to sleep in the afternoon. I literally get to a certain point in the afternoon and it feels like my body is craving sleep, and I don’t resist it. I sleep ok at night, I think my body has gotten used to the extra sleep.

It is beginning to really encroach on my life. I lose a couple of hours a day to sleeping. So, I am finding it hard to get everything done. I need to break the cycle.

Trying to get my body back in to a “normal” rhythm is going to be hard. Instead of heading to bed I need to go for a walk, read some blogs, anything but sleep.

Take care everyone.

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