Nails, orthodontist and the gym with my boy

Today has been quite a full day. In some ways I helped myself and in others I kind of put myself back.

My day started with a trip to my friends to get my nails done ( I am going to London for the weekend with my hubby, a mini honeymoon as we haven’t had one). I was good and walked to her house, it only took a few minutes, but any exercise is good right? She pampered my fingers and made them look pretty while we caught up on gossip (until recently we worked together) and arranged a tea date for next week.

I took the short walk home, then took my son for his orthodontist appointment. After searching for a parking space and being kept in the waiting room for ages, we finally got in and his braces were tightened. I find it so annoying that our local dentist won’t do this, instead we have to drive for 30 minutes for an appointment that takes 10.

My son has joined a gym (through his father’s membership) and had a guest pass, so asked me if I wanted to go with him after his appointment. That was our next stop.

The gym he has joined is very nice and expensive, I will be sticking to my cheap one. He showed me around all the machines they have, then we got to working. We worked all parts of our bodies, ending with a nice ab workout. When we came out of the gym I felt refreshed and actually quite happy. I was pleased with how hard I had worked, it is great to have some enthusiasm about working out again.

On our return home I busied myself with washing etc while my son retreated to his bedroom. While in the kitchen I spotted a box of half eaten gingerbread men and my will power crumbled. I didn’t go nuts, I only had two, but that was still two too many.

My husband returned from work at 5:30 and said he was going to cook dinner. By this time I was quite tired and decided to lie down for a bit (being sleeping and sleeping is one of the symptoms of depression that hits me hardest).

I was awoken an hour later, dinner sat in front of me. Dinner consisted of boiled potatoes, green beans and a toad in the hole where the sausages were wrapped in bacon. As nice as this was it did not help my healthy eating plans.  As soon as I had finished, one of the last remaining pieces of my hubbies birthday cake were placed in front of me and again my will power crumpled.

Not a great day for healthy eating, but I did work out and get a little walking in, hopefully this won’t set my weight loss back too much.

Tomorrow is a new day for me to get my motivation and eating right, I know it is all going to come together soon.

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