Our Bank Holiday Weekend

The Bank holiday weekend is nearly over, boo. Just a few hours left before we all have to go back to normality (or as near to it as you can with it being half-term.).

We have had a lovely weekend, we did more than I thought we would, I am tired, but it was well worth it. And for once the weather was actually on our side, meaning we have has more choice of things to do as we can actually go outside.

Saturday morning was the start of the weekend for me (hubby was working until lunchtime). My daughter and I had already decided we were going to go to the coffee house and have a nice drink while we read our magazines, how very grown up of us. It was a lovely relaxed morning enjoyed by both of us (even if it meant me hearing about all these YouTubers who seem like idiots to me).

We popped to the shops to get some bits for dinner and headed home to meet hubby. We sat for a few minutes while we decided what to do, eventually we decided to go for a walk around Upton Country Park.

It’s about 15 minutes drive from us, but hubby decided that it would be good to park in a side street at the far end of the park to beat the carpark rage. It wasn’t until we had been walking for 10 minutes we realised we were actually further away from the park than we thought. 20 minutes of walking later and we found a sign that told us were 20 minutes walk from the main park (it didn’t actually take us that long to get there.).

My daughter had a quick play on the equipment then we decided to start heading back. It was a beautiful walk, so many lovely views, I am actually glad we did the longer walk.

We got back to the car and I had a message from our friends to say they were going to the local pub for a quick drink, we decided to join them. We were not there for too long, but it was lovely to have a quick catch up.

Saturday night was spent snuggled up in front of the tv watching Britain’s Got Talent (I thought the choir should have won, they were amazing). perfect.

Sunday was quite as much fun. I had to work in the afternoon, so it was a chilled day at home for everyone else getting little jobs done. We did manage a lovely walk to the shop and back in the evening, a much needed bit of fresh air.

We had no idea what we were going to do today, we were all still a bit tired from Saturday. Daughter went over to our friends and helped them tidy their garden, hubby went over to to help as they were having lawn mower issues.

After spending most of the morning on Twitter and Pinterest while laying in bed, I decided to go to the gym and have a swim. I got to the gym to find out that they were having a BBQ and kids games as it was Bank holiday. Hubby was most disappointed when I texted him and told him (is it wrong that made me smile a lil bit??).

So, after having a lovely swim I had a burger and a cup of tea and spent the next hour lost in social media on my phone (as well as taunting hubby and my friend over the fact I was relaxing while they were working in the garden).

I am going to finish the long weekend by sitting with hubby and watching Game Of Thrones later on after the kids are in bed, well, saying they are going to sleep when in reality they are on their tablets.

Hopefully you have all had a great weekend as we have.

Take care everyone.

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