Trying Pizza Express Leggera Pizza’s

I have been trying to lose some weight for a while now. I have had a little success and some times of complete weakness. But all in all it is going well. One of the things that I find really hard is finding food that is both healthy and tastes good.

I am a fussy eater. Most things that are considered healthy I do not like. Because I don’t like things (or won’t try them!), I find that I am quite limited on what I can eat that is really good for me. Add in the fact I suffer from IBS, that narrows down what I can eat even more.

So, when I was asked to try the new Pizza Express Leggera range I jumped at the chance! Leggera in Italian means light, so what did I have to lose!

Pizza Express believe that to eat healthy you do not have to compromise on taste. The Leggera range uses tasty ingredients on a multi-grain base this creates a lighter eat. There is 44% less saturated fat than in the Pizza Express classic range.

Pizza Express leggera pizzas

I chose 3 different leggera Pizzas from the range (available in Waitrose). As they were pizzas I knew Ben Bob and Booey would want to help me try them out. We cooked all three and had them buffet style in the garden. That way we got to try some of each pizza.

pizza express leggera pizzas

We tried the Prawn and Broccoli Pizza, Chicken and vegetable pizza and the Goats cheese, squash and Kale pizza. I loved the chicken and vegetable one. There was quite a bit of chicken on it and the vegetables went really nicely with it. Booey also said this was her favourite.

trying pizza express leggera pizzas

Ben Bob liked the Prawn and Broccoli one best. I took a picture whilst he was eating a piece and he tried to smile while eating. I gotta love him for trying, so excuse the weird look on his face lol!

pizza express leggera pizzas

The goats cheese and squash pizza was ok, but if I was buying these again I probably wouldn’t get that one.

All in all though, the pizzas were a hit. I have definitely found something healthier and tasty to eat while trying to lose weight. The fact that the kids liked them too is a bonus.

You can find the Pizza express leggera range in their restaurants and in Waitrose.

Take care everyone.

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to try the leggera pizzas , but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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