Poole Quay Bike Night

It has been a couple of years since I have been to Poole Quay Bike Night. So, this week we decided to go along. The weather was quite cloudy, but it was warm, not too bad conditions for walking along the quayside. We parked in one of the town center car parks as walked down to the quay. You could hear the roar of the bike engines as they made their way there too.

Poole quay bike night

Poole dream machines bike night is held every Tuesday during the summer months. There can regularly be over 1000 bikes on display along the quay. Every model you can think of, as well as a few unique bikes that have been modified.

I don’t know a lot about motorbikes, but the hubby has had a few over the years. He quite enjoyed pointing out to Booey bikes he used to have and ones that he likes (and he’s NOT getting!). Booey just enjoyed looking at them all, every second bike seemed to be her favourite!.

Booey was our photographer for the night. We had to use my phone as silly me forgot to put the sd card in the camera! She really enjoyed the fact that I just let her loose with the camera, she took a lot of pictures. It was lovely to get her involved in the blog like that and I think I will let her help more in the future.

So, onto the bikes.

poole quay bike night

Booey loved the paintwork on this bike and the “funny” wheels. I definitely prefer this style of bike to the racing looking ones. It looks much more comfortable to ride. All the bikes hubby had were sporty ones, but he appreciates these ones too. *please excuse Booey’s fingertip in the photo lol!

Poole quay bike night

This was one of my favourites of the night. Yes it has skulls on it! I love the skull detail on the bike. I must find myself a handbag of the same design lol.

poole quay bike night

The trike was almost as big as a car! I would imagine this to be a very comfortable ride. It looks safer to me than a normal motorbike. Again, I love the design on the back, Booey didn’t see it at first as she was so astounded by the trikes size.

Poole quay bike night  poole quay bike night

These two pictures are of the same bike. The design on the sides was amazing, then Booey noticed the shape of the mirrors. What a great touch to an already amazing looking bike. This was my favourite of the night. The artists who make these designs have a lot of talent.

Poole quay bike night

I have to say, the trikes were amazing. They are something you do not see everyday. Booey would love it if we rocked up to school with her on the back of one of these! You can’t really see too much of the middle bike here. It was made out of old beer barrels and chains and other bit of used metal. It even had a plastic rat on the side! What a great way to use old bits and pieces.

As well as looking at all the bikes it was lovely to have a walk along the quay. There is a lovely shop that makes leather goods that I spent ages in. They had some lovely leather-bound journals, hubby tried to get me out of there quick before I spent loads lol!

Poole Quay bike night is a lovely evening out for all the family. It is on for the next few months so why not go down yourself.

Take care everyone.

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