Sleeping better?

I cannot remember the last time I really had a good nights sleep. My depression and the usual stresses of life keep my brain ticking and unable to sleep.

Quite often in the afternoon I doze off, this is not much fun for the kids, they come home and want my attention and I am snoring on the sofa. I hate that I am letting them down and am too tired to play with them.

My doctor does not want me on sleeping tablets dues to other medication on, and if I am honest I don’t want to go down this route either.

Even on days where I have been busy, to the gym, been active all day I find it very hard to sleep and to stay asleep all night, not just fits and starts.

So what is the answer? It was staring me right in the face, but I ignored it for a while, I cannot believe something so simple could work (How many of you are losing interest now it seems I am going for the hard sell lol.).

Reading, yes reading. I have started reading, whether it be a book or magazine, for half an hour or so before I go to bed. I sit in the bedroom, with just a lamp on, no other distractions, just peace and quiet for me.

For the first couple of nights I didn’t really notice the difference, but by the third night I was getting to sleep quicker and staying asleep for longer. Now, it hasn’t stopped me from waking up, but I am waking a lot less that I was and feel less stressed when I do.

Apart from helping me sleep I have found that it has given me the time I wanted to catch up on my reading, I had a stack of magazines and books that I was trying to find the time to read. And as it is quiet, I am finding that I am taking in a bit more of the information that I am reading.

Reading is a love of mine and I am so happy that my love is helping me to sleep and relax me. Books are amazing.

Take care everyone.

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