Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week #1

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I wrote a post like this a while ago (you can read it here.) and I really enjoyed writing it. Since then I have read a lot of posts like this and posts about gratitude journals. The general consensus is that writing down things that make us happy/smile and rereading them can lift our moods.

So I have decided to start writing a weekly post with all the things that have made me happy from the previous week. I think doing this will help me to stay positive and give me more inspiration for my blog posts.

Here is what made me happy this week.

  • My little gym Buddy

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Booey is a member of the gym I go to and now she is allowed to join me on the gym floor. It is great going with her, well accept for the fact that she is a little boot camp Sargent lol. She never lets me finish my workout early! Booey really enjoys being able to come with me. I have impressed on her that we do NOT got to the gym to be ultra skinny, we go to BE healthy!

  • Spending Time With Friends

I have spent time with both of my best friends this week. Any time that I spend with them is great. They make me laugh and we are always there for each other. Plus when we go for tea I get to eat cake. Cake makes us all happy.

  • Booey’s Parents Evening

Parents evening with Booey is never something I have to worry about. As usual I was told that she is polite and well behaved. It was also nice to hear that she has already reached the level she was expected to get to by the end of the school year in Maths and is almost there in English too. I am very proud of how well she is doing.

  • Ben Bob Doing Work Placement

As part of the Personal Vocational Program he is doing at collage, Ben has just started doing work placement. He is working a place that provides discounted furniture for people with little money. He is moving things around, cleaning bits as they come in and has even been out on some deliveries. It is great to see that he has gained some confidence in himself and now believes that he can get a job in the future. I am very proud of him.

These are the things that have made me happy this week and they will continue to make me happy every time I think of them.

Take care everyone.

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