Things That Have Made Me Happy: Week 4

Last week was lovely. We didn’t do anything amazingly exciting, but I thought it was a good week. Writing these posts has made me realise that I have more good days than bad. The fact that I have noticed that I am happier is great for my depression recovery.

week happy sea girl

I finally feel like I am moving on and can see a bright future for myself and my family. It is good to be pushing those clouds aside and enjoying the glow of the sun.

On with what has made me happy.

  • My Birthday

Monday was my birthday, I wrote a post “It’s My Birthday” about my special day. It was really lovely. Hubby made sure I was spoilt and happy all day. I am very lucky to have him. I got some great gifts and lots of cards. And hubby and I had a lovely day out in Salisbury. 

Hubby also took me to a local pub for dinner on Wednesday night. Nothing fancy, but it was still nice, and who doesn’t want their birthday celebration to still be going two days later lol.

  • The coffee house

We have a community cafe five minutes walk from where we live. I go in there far too much, but I love it. The couple who run it are lovely as are the rest of the staff there. My friends and I meet there at least once a week and I sometimes go down with my tablet and do my blog commenting there. The food and drinks are yummy and it is just a nice place to be.

fairy cake icing fish chocolate Two of the yummy fairy cakes I have had this week (I am assured they were calorie free lol).

  • My little gym buddy

I have written before about how I love going to the gym with Booey. We have had a great time there this week. She has been trying to teach me stretches that she has learned in PE at school. I can do most of them, but she keeps getting me to try to do a bridge, my body just will not bend like that now! lol. Also adding this in is a great opportunity to share this photo of us at the gym. I love it.

girl and woman at gym

  • Lunch with Ben Bob

I quite often have lunch with Ben Bob on a Friday as we are both home and we try to do things together. What made this week different was that he paid! Now this is something I could get used to. He can be very sweet when he wants to be. I think he only did it so that I would keep taking him to college during the week.

I have a lot to smile about. My kids are amazing, so is my hubby. Life is looking good right now, so bad luck keep away, I have most definitely had enough of you!

Take care everyone.

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