Trying to make an origional post and not repeat myself

For the last two days I have been trying to come up with a new blog post and what I have I come up with, not a lot.

Nothing of note has happened in my personal life, (I am sure none of you really care how many loads of washing I do a day) and there are no intriguing subjects being talked about with my friends.

The only thing that I can say that I 100% enjoyed over the last few days is my daughter and I visiting the library and then going to our favourite coffee house and sitting and reading our books for a while.
I love that my daughter enjoys reading so much, it gives us a lot to talk about and I can share my love for certain childhood books with her.

Like me, she loves Roald Dahl. We have talked about his books and characters a lot, we both absolutely love Matilda. I can’t wait until she is at the stage where she is able to read and fully understand The Lord of the Rings.

Even though for the most part we were sat not talking to each other, it was really nice to sit there and just read for pleasure, not because I am researching blog, SEO or writing tips. I turned all of that off inside my head and got lost in a story, something which feels like forever since I last did.

Those couple of hours flew by. Neither of us wanted to leave, but alas real life had to carry on, there was washing and bedroom cleaning that had to be done

We plan on making this a regular weekly thing (although with it being Easter this weekend it might have to wait a week), just taking that two hours out relaxed us both.

The only problem I foresee is that our library is not that big and it might not be too long before we read all of the books that are of any interest to us, but until then we will enjoy all the escapism that is on the pages for us to enjoy.

Take care everyone

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