My Weight & I #7

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It’s only been a month, but it seems like ages since I last wrote a weight update. I have to admit, it has not really been something that I have thought about too much this month as we have had a few things going on.

Booey has started coming to the gym with us. She loves being able to join us, but man she makes me work hard! We are also going swimming a bit more too, I am loving that, swimming along in my own little world lol.

In general, I have eaten better this month. There have definitely been more good foor choices made. Although this week we have been out for dinner twice. Once for hubby’s birthday and for a birthday at work. My choices were not so good here. And it is my birthday next week which means another meal out. I will have to make sure I keep working hard in the gym to try and compensate for this.

And, small confession. Hubby and I finished off all the Christmas chocolates and biscuits without help from the kids. I know, we are bad and should know better. But, now that it is gone I am not craving chocolate everyday as I can’t see it and I haven’t bought any biscuits (I cannot tell you how much I wanted too! lol).

As it has been so cold I have been walking less. I just cannot deal with the cold. This has hurt the amount of daily steps I have been doing. But, when the kids are at school and I am doing the house work, I have been playing loud music and bopping aroung as I clean. This has definitely burnt a few calories and was fun.

I am still only drinking water at the gym, I really need to improve this. I might try some of the flavoured waters or really weak squash to see if that helps.

So, how was my weight affected? It has stayed the same. I really need to work harder as I am getting fed up of it staying the same. It would be nice to have lost some weight by the summer (No I still won’t be getting a bikini on). I want to be buying new clothes as mine are too big, not because I can’t fit my ass into them.

Take care everyone.

The Pramshed


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  1. It sounds like you are doing great. Exercise is so important! I wouldn’t worry too much about the odd meal out. Especially for birthdays. You can eat better for a few weeks after. #fortheloveofBLOG

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