My Weight And I #8

After 8 month of writing these updates I think I have plateaued. During these 8 months I have only lost 2 lbs from my starting weight. I am working out more, but the weight just isn’t shifting. It’s time I started to seriously need to look at what I am eating and drinking.

weight update 8

One of my main problems is definitely sweet treats. I will have a really good workout, then later that day eat something not so healthy as I have “worked it off”. This needs to be happening less! All those calories are adding up and costing me my weight loss.

I also need to look at my diet in general. We went through a phase where we ate really well every night. Good healthy, low-fat meals. That has slipped quite a bit. Both hubby and I have been really busy, so it has been quick and easy dinners. There have been far too many delicious potato wedges in my life lately lol. We definitely need to start planning our meals ahead so that we are eating better.

Something else that I feel may be affecting my weight is medication. I have been on quite a high dose of antidepressants for over a year. This was due to my dad’s illness and him passing away. I found it very hard to cope and I didn’t really workout or anything for a while. I am now feeling much better (although I still miss dad everyday) and I am working with my doctor to wean me off of them.

For the last 3 years I have also had the contraceptive implant in my arm. A lot of women who use this experience weight gain. I am definitely not using this as an excuse, but it is making things a little harder for me. Unfortunately with contraceptives there is always a drawback somewhere.

A few people have also pointed out that it might be my age and I have to accept it ( nice, huh!). I am definitely not having that. There are a lot of women older than my 38 years who are in amazing shape, and damn I am not that old!

lady gym 8

On the plus side, even though I haven’t really lost much weight I feel fitter in myself. I told my hubby I “feel” lighter. He thinks it may be because I am feeling better in myself that I feel better about myself. My confidence has also gone up a little. I am also a lot more active than I was, which is not a bad thing at all. Long walks on days out are something I really enjoy and the kids love it that I am willing to at least try things with them (I went to a trampoline park with them, that was the hardest workout I have done lol).

Things in my life do need adjusting, I just need to think of all my little achievements to keep me going.

Take care everyone.

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8 thoughts on “My Weight And I #8

  1. Nothing wears you out like jumping on a trampoline with a kid, I swear!

    I think the closer we get to 40, the more we see our metabolism say “Bye, girl!”

    I always tell people not to focus on the numbers your scale says, rather how you feel. Hang in there, Mama!


  2. Ah losing weight is so hard. I struggle with the food too! It’s great you enjoy the gym as I can’t stand it! That’s one hurdle already crossed. Good luck. #AnythingGoes

  3. If you are doing a lot of exercise, especially resistance training, you might find you don’t get a big drop on the scales, but you’ll still be losing fat. Try measuring yourself (waist, bust, thighs etc) and you might see a bigger difference this way that will keep you motivated
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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