My weight and I – Update #2

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Things have been more settled this month, but I have to say, I let myself slack a bit over the holidays. Days out, holidays and just lazy days were just too good to resist.

We did a lot of walking in the holidays and I have been going to the gym a lot more, so it is not all bad. But I know I could have done better (especially on the two days I sat by the pool at the gym instead of working out!).

Now that the kids are back at school I have more time for the gym and going for walks. Hopefully I won’t be tempted with sausages or bacon for lunch without them here! I am also looking (still) for a class to join at the gym.

I have pretty much got my lunches planned for the week and have made sure that I have healthy snacks in the cupboards, as well as more fruit at home instead of crisps.

But I do have one tiny problem, I have hurt my hand and cannot go to the gym or swim at the moment (You can find out how I hurt my hand in this post). So, I am going to have to rely on walking and eating well, at least for the moment. I have a long walk planned (weather permitting) with my friends next week. It will be a good chance to catch up as well as burning some calories.

The good news (well kinda) is that somehow I managed to lose 2lbs this month. I don’t know how and I know it’s not much, but it is at least going in the right direction. I want to at least double that during the next month.

Now, I know I said this in the last update, but this month IS going to be better, bad hand or not. I cannot let myself down again.

Take care everyone.

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7 thoughts on “My weight and I – Update #2

  1. Well done! The whole food ‘thing’ goes to pot in my house over the holidays and I’m determined to re-introduce healthy eating now that the holidays are over. I hope you can get up the gym soon. #KCACOLS

  2. Well done, keep going! I seriously need to get back to healthy eating and exercise now Christmas is on its way! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS, hope you can come back again Sunday after next x

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