My Weight and I: Update #3

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My weight loss hasn’t exactly gone the way I had hoped over the last couple of months, but this month I am feeling much better about things.

I have only lost a pound this month. This may not seem much, but I am generally feeling fitter and more full of energy than I was before. That has to be good right?

Most of this is down to the fact that I have been doing a lot more walking. Down to the shops, around town, wherever I can really. It really is surprising the amount of calories you can burn, even with a short 15 minute walk.

I have also been utilizing My Fitbit Blaze a bit more. As well as showing me how many calories I burn during the day, I can also input the food and drink details of what I have eaten during the day on the online dashboard. This is great as it tells you whether you have taken in too many or too few calories for your weight loss goals.

Also, you can swipe through the menus, pick the type of exercise you are doing (running, cycling, weights etc) and using the built in heart rate monitor and timing how long you are working out, it will tell you how many calories you have burned during your workout. I have found this helpful in the gym as I can see when I am slacking and know to work harder the next time.

Speaking of the gym, I have also started going to the gym more regularly again. I am so glad to be back there. The first couple of workouts hurt a bit, but I have found my flow again with it. I am also swimming a  couple of times a week.

So, you can see, even though my weight loss was low this month I have achieved a bit. I am hoping that if I keep to this, there will be a few more pounds off next month.

You can buy the Fitbit Blaze and other Fitbit  products on Amazon.

Take care everyone.

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3 thoughts on “My Weight and I: Update #3

  1. ALi, I’m glad you are being balanced about this. I remember when I lost my babyweight, I stayed the same for a couple of months, but I was exercising too and I think that it’s about more than just the scales but about how fit and healthy you feel! I admire your motivation! Keep it up! #Fortheloveofblog

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