My weight and I: Update #4


I cannot believe that I am writing my 4th update on my weight. Before I started this blog, I could never imagine telling so many people about how I feel about my weight. It’s amazing what we learn to share about ourselves.

This month has been a bit up and down. I had a cold which made me feel really down. The thought of going to the gym really didn’t delight me. I did continue walking as much as I could, but I did sink into the comfort food (opps!).

Half-term didn’t really help either. Having Booey home was wonderful, but it hampered my workouts a little. Although Booey can come into the gym with me, I find it really hard to workout properly with her there.

On the plus side, my two best friends, Emma and Rosann, are coming to the gym with me. This has really given me a push. They won’t let me give up or finish a gym session early. We all have different end goals, but are working together to help each other.

It feels so good to be back and working hard in the gym. I have even welcomed the jelly legs and exhaustion. If I can reign in my diet, I think I will start to see a couple more pounds dropping off.

My loss this month was 2lbs. I am very impressed with this as I haven’t eaten well and not been to the gym as much as I would have liked in the last month. This might just be a weird fluke though, so I will be working a lot harder this month. I cannot keep letting myself down, my willpower needs to rise. The sweet, sweet chocolate cake at the cafe will not beat me, I will overcome lol.

Take care everyone.

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