What have I been up to?

The last few weeks have been very hard due to a personal situation, I am not going to talk about it right now, I may in future blogs. I have not had a lot of time for my blog or many other thing, but even though the situation is ongoing I am going to try and find some more time for myself before I go crazy.

Over the last few days I have started to get my crafting bits out and making a few little things here and there and I have found it quite relaxing. I am not the best crafter out there, but I really enjoying making things. I have never tried to sell the things I make, I usually put them up around the house or give them to friends, it gives me pleasure to do this.

As well as doing a bit of crafting I have been carrying on with my colouring too. I have completed a few more pictures and even made some doodles of my own. My husband knows he is going to have to buy me more pencils and books for Christmas.

I have also discovered comping. Comping is where people spend hours a day finding competitions to enter, whether it be on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or on products they buy, they enter them all.

Reading the blogs of some successful “compers” has been quite insightful. Many of them have been on holidays around the world, have all sorts of gadgets and pretty much do not have to buy make-up or beauty products.

I have followed some of the advice on these blogs and have entered a few competitions myself, but nowhere near as many as some of these people do, one lady said that there were days where she could enter hundreds of competitions, giving her between 7 & 9 wins a week. I will be happy if I win one thing, let alone loads.

Comping will probably be a side hobby for me, something I will do if I have a few spare minutes, so I doubt an expensive holiday will be on the cards, but who knows what my luck may bring.

Take care everyone.

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